Sara Jedea – Saudi Equestrian


Sara Jedea – Saudi Equestrian

Entertainment and work combine to complete life’s circle. For generations, humans have sought to satiate their need for adrenaline. As society has developed, so too have the means of amusement. Sports and games have always existed in human history. People used to engage in more physically demanding hobbies like swimming, archery, and horseback riding in the past. Even now, these games have a more contemporary layout and set of features.

sara jadea has evolved into a fascinating sport these days. It has developed to include both the rider and the horse. We’ll be sharing an equestrian rider’s experience in this article.
Sara Jedea is a Saudi Arabian horseback rider. She’ll talk about her personal experience.


Personal life

Sara Jedea revealed that her father used to take her pony riding when she was five years old. Sara and the horse had grown close as a result of their journey. Sara used to take horseback riding lessons after that. Although Sara’s parents were aware of her growing interest in horseback riding, they advised her not to pursue it actively.

How do you realize this passion in you?

Over time, Sara came to understand her connection to the world of horseback riding. Sara started playing horse games at the national level when she was 15 years old, and by the time she was 21, she had registered in the international division.

sara jadea

Family Assistance

Sara Jedea mentioned how supportive her parents were in this situation. After school, Sara and her pals would attend horseback riding camps in New York. Her parents encouraged her to pursue horseback riding as a hobby.

Saudi Arabia’s challenges

Sara had more obstacles to overcome as a female rider when she returned to Saudi Arabia. She revealed that in order to succeed at first, she had to put a lot of effort into it. At the time, Saudi Arabia was under a lot of limitations. Sara’s only concern during that trying time was to improve herself.

Saudi Arabian Equestrian Federation

Sara in her capacity as a Saudi representative

There are a lot more opportunities than there were in Saudi Arabia that is changing. Sara said that, in essence, she represents Saudi Arabia rather than playing for the country’s international squad. She also mentioned how costly this game is and how we’re constantly in search of reliable sponsors.

Other than horseback riding.

Due to the high cost of riding, Sara has had a lot of difficulty achieving her objectives. She revealed that her early employment consisted of three jobs, which was really difficult for her. She eventually succeeded in finding a job that allowed her to reconcile her personal and professional lives after all these difficulties.

sara jadea
sara jadea

The best time

The best moment Sara ever had was in Virginia. When she learned that she had been chosen for the competition from among the top riders based on points, she was shocked. For her, these triumphant moments have a magical quality.


McLain Ward and Jessica Springsteen are Sara’s motivations in the equestrian world. She is a big fan of McLain Ward because of his enthusiasm and good sportsmanship.

First significant match

Sara had an amazing first competition experience. She didn’t feel frightened at all and was completely into it. In 2020, she was chosen as an individual for the Saudi team. In that, she gave it her all.

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In her illustrious career, Sara Jedea accomplished a few things. Her greatest accomplishment to date is being chosen as the Saudi Games 2024’s top female rider.

Get ready for the competition.

It’s critical to stick to a schedule when working on oneself. Sara revealed that she used to stick to her training regimen when there was a competition. Sara continues to exercise and ride even when there isn’t a game to satisfy her interest.

sara jadea


Treat wounds

There is always a mental and physical strain when playing sports. Throughout this time, Sara suffered numerous injuries that made her question whether to keep playing or give up, but her love for the game has always kept her going.

 Women’s role in equestrian sports

Whether they are male or female, athletics should be a part of everyone’s routine. Women in this industry ought to advance and be valued. After a difficult day, spending time with your horse can be beneficial to your mental well-being.

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Future objectives

Sara is quite excited about the competitions that lie ahead of her in the next five years. In particular, Sara is excited to compete in show jumping at the LA Games competition in 2028 and hopes to participate in the Asian Games in 2026.

Using horses for therapy

Sara considers horseback riding to be a form of healing. She once quipped, “They can break your bones but they can’t break your heart,” demonstrating her strong bond with her horses.

Advice for young Saudi ladies:

“If you want to play sports, don’t give up even if it will be difficult.”

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