Core Values

Core Values

Core values are the standard operating principles that guide an organization’s culture—its employee’s behaviors, attitudes, language, and focus. Newsburning has below 10 principles:

1. Integrity:

Feature stories that adhere to ethical reporting standards. Protect sources, avoid conflicts of interest, and maintain a clear line between news and opinion.

2. Community engagement:

Our aim is to Engage with the audience through comment sections, social media, and interactive features that can create a sense of community.

3. Social Impact: 

Newsburning aims to create a positive impact on society by focusing on solutions-oriented journalism,                  highlighting stories of positive change and innovation.

4. Entertainment & Lifestyle: 

This website covers celebrity news, fashion, travel, and more.

5. Credibility: 

The information and data provided on the website are reliable and reputable.

6. Long-Term Impact: 

Stories that create a long-lasting impact on the community.

7. Technology and innovation:

Newsburning helps the reader to know about the current technology and innovation in the market.

8. Authenticity:

We believe in the power of real, raw stories.

9. Community:

Community is a very important core value to increase relations among the public. Our platform fosters connections and understanding among people from diverse backgrounds.

10. Open Source:

We proudly offer our content as an open and free resource, promoting knowledge sharing.


The above-mentioned core values are strictly followed by newsburning authors to give authentic information to the audience