Musa Waqas – Uprising Artist


Musa Waqas – Passionate Young Artist


Meet Musa Waqas, an Artist whose creativity knows no boundaries. Beyond the realm of music, Musa Waqas is a skilled artist. His skills are vibrant canvases that mirror the depth of his emotions. The brushstrokes and colors in his work weave a narrative. It compliments musical expression.

Even though Musa is just a teenager yet but his journey started long ago and limitations. In the future he wants to enter into the world of acting, bringing characters to life without difficulty.

Personal life

Musa Waqas is a Traditional artist who is currently in 10th grade and recently came to Saudi Arabia. His personal life is surrounded by serious and funny emotions, which he has adapted to and he faces all challenges head-on. In the past, when he was 6 years old people of age 16 had girlfriends and vice versa.

From his childhood he was engaged in art and now in parallel working on content creation and videography. He handles his dad’s channel which has more than 160K followers. Musa started Islamic Calligraphy. It serves as a visual representation of the divine, transforming letters into expressions of beauty. In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, artists stand at the forefront of embracing innovation.

Regarding Videography there are multiple tools that are used often, however, Cap Cut is one of the main software that is being used these days for YouTube, TikTok, and other platforms. 

Musa Waqas - Uprising Artist

Musa Waqas - Uprising Artist


In the heart of Musa’s artistic journey, he regards his Parents deeply for all his success but for sketching his mother is a source of inspiration for him. She is not only the woman who brought him into this world but also the guiding force and reason for success. 

“A wise man said that nature is not a source of artistic inspiration, it is an art in its purest.”

Interest & Hobbies

Musa’s main hobby is Art but the artist’s journey is never-ending. His passion for art extends to the realm of brushes and pixels.

He has a good interest in Cricket. He finds both joy and exhilaration on the pitch. Every swing of the bat and delivery bowled cricket transforms into skill & teamwork.

Shaheen Shah Afridi

First Professional experience

Musa’s brand name is “MSObyMBW” which is a fashion brand specializing in sunglasses. In the future, his plan is to expand the horizon of his business by including people to see the world through different lenses.

Goals in future

Musa wants to become an actor and win an Oscar. He is too young to set boundaries and limit himself. He is in the learning phase to explore more paths in his career. As an actor, he wants to collaborate with Ali Zafar & Christian Bale.



Whatever we do there will be people to criticize. Musa tries his best to take these as constructive criticism. He follows the example of the current captain of the Pakistani Cricket Team Babar Azam. He is number one in ODI, Test & T20 formats. Babar also goes through tough times and gets bad feedback from the public.

One of the examples from Musa is “When he first drew something, his mother said it was marvelous but in reality, it was a piece of garbage”. That was the best experience he had and Musa realized as a person she always evolved him. 


Musa wants to pursue an acting & art career. He wants to see himself working with his favorite artist in the next 10 to 15 years. As an artist, he can contribute community through tutorials, workshops or mentorship. It could be a way for an artist to contribute to the next generation of creatives.

Cristiano Ronaldo Childhood


Musa emerged victorious in a variety of competitions, showcasing his skills and determination. He hails from Punjab and won “The Best Artist in Punjab” in 2021 globally. He won the online competition as “The Best Character Designer” by Miniso Japan. People from all parts of the world participated in it. These accomplishments stand as a testament to his dedication and excellence. It earns him recognition and admiration in various spheres. He feels it’s a good start but it’s not the end. He is in the learning stage and it’s 1st step at a time so he will keep working to enhance his skills.

Message for Artists around the globe

Every art has its own story. He loves sketching to inspire young artists. On his YouTube channel, he drew a sketch with a 5 rupee pencil and it was a masterpiece. 

“It’s not about the right equipment or stuff it’s about passion and the only limits we have are those we set for ourselves.”


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