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Miznan Behri is passionate about bringing change

Saudi Arabia which is the land of culture, values, and traditions enclosed in religious beliefs was recognized by the world as a country with rigid thoughts and laws. This pattern has shifted to 180 degrees from 2019. A lot has changed considering different aspects of life. The women have especially been empowered by the nation which was deprived for many years. Multiple opportunities have been given to the women. Every department is offering to hire women in their sector. The engineering department which was solely a male-dominated area is also welcoming the women in their circle.

Miznan Behri


Introduction of Miznan Behri

Miznan is one of the first Saudi female electrical engineers in her department and is happy to share her journey with us. She is very delighted and happy to see the innovation in Saudi Arabia. The changing Saudi Arabia is very favorable and secure for working ladies. Let’s have a deep conversation with Miznan sharing her journey.

Miznan Personal life

Miznan is an electrical engineer by profession. She has basically two degrees, a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in electrical and computer engineering. Miznan was born and raised in Jeddah in a big family but major job opportunities in Riyadh attracted her to come to Riyadh. Being raised in an open-minded family Miznan’s parents raised them in a way that they were so passionate about their interests. The quest to find their passion and interests was from childhood.

Professional life

At the beginning of her career, Miznan was mainly in the research area of her field but after some time she decided to take the experience of the workplace. Currently, Miznan is working in a construction company named WSP which specializes in consultancy, supervision, and design.

This company is handling major projects like Metro, and King Abdullah financial district and making marks in hospitality by constructing ultra-luxury hotels. Miznan shared that it’s a golden era for everyone to explore their passion for people equally. There is no limitation in taking any career path.

Miznan Behri

First Professional experience

Miznan shared her first experience in the workplace which was so lucky for her. Miznan chose WSP for the start of her career because major projects were about construction in Riyadh which was easy for her to start with. She was surprised to see that there was no female electrical engineer in the Riyadh metro project although it was a big project. Miznan shared that being the only female electrical engineer in the workplace does not make her feel uncomfortable. The staff there were so protective and caring.

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Being the First female in the workplace

As Miznan was the first Saudi female working in the field, it has never let her passion go down. She faced many challenges and even challenged the men working there by questioning and learning things and never let her quest calm down. Miznan is proud to be in this field hence empowering every woman that success has no gender. It’s very overwhelming to be unique.

Saudi Vision 2030

Saudi Vision 2030  is to give everyone the equal opportunity to improve the economy and have opportunities in every sector. Miznan is fully in favor of Saudi Vision 2030 as it empowers women in every aspect of life which would not be possible if this vision was not supported. This change in Saudi Arabia has given women their identity which was suppressed for many years. Miznan agrees that women will perform better in challenges, and they will do wonders in the future.

Miznan Behri

Miznan Behri Challenges

Life is not a bed of roses you must face problems personally and professionally. Miznan Behri shared that she faced criticism from family members to go into the men-oriented profession. They said that why she was going to this field was for men, but she did not take it to her heart as the country itself is her supporting bone. At the start of her career, Miznan did not receive open doors for her as it was a male-dominated profession, but this hurdle made her more creative and made her work drive much higher. Saudi women’s space project in which the first Saudi woman went into space was also under criticism, but success always smudges these kinds of criticism. Miznan is happy to have the support of her country in every aspect of her professional life.

Fuel of life

There are always some supporting characters in your life who work as chargers in your daily routine, we asked this question to Miznan, and she said that her parents and sister are the emotional and energy chargers for her. As Miznan is a single lady at her site so she shared that sometimes it is difficult to work in male male-dominated place. It’s a challenge for her to complete the task of being a single female engineer as other male members sometimes don’t take her seriously.

Role in the development of the country

Diversity in the workplace creates motivation. Miznan shared that working with different nationalities from different cultures enhances creativity. For female members to become a part of the workplace will give them opportunities to harness their interests. The role of females in a country is very important for the development of a country. It will increase the workforce and improve the environment of the workplace.

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Best and worst experience

Miznan shared that in one project, when the client got to know that she was a Saudi he was shocked. He treated her more efficiently and became more reliable on her professionally. It made her proud. The worst experience she faced was the arguments in front of her between contractors and consultants which made her so embarrassed, but at the same time she learned how to handle these situations more calmly.

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In her free time, Miznan attends Toastmasters which is a well-known international chain boosting everyone in different aspects of life. She used to bake, draw, write, and read.

Goals in future

Miznan is keen to provide solutions that are sustainable in the future. Changes always start with the little things. Miznan Behri focuses on renewable energy sources, which she initiated on her own by not using plastic. She tries to keep things eco-friendly.

Role of Toastmasters in Miznan’s Life

Toastmasters is the key to learning public speaking and leadership. Miznan Behri is an active member of this institute. Toastmasters has had a great impact on her professional life. Miznan shared that the communication skills and leadership in her personality is flourished by Toastmasters. It would be impossible for her to explore this ability of leadership without Toastmasters. Bringing new ideas to the table, creating something new, and presenting anything in front of the public is a skill that flourished in Toastmasters.

Miznan Behri

Message for Women

Miznan gave a beautiful message to Saudi women.

“Don’t let others decide your career. Take your own path whether it is in the STEM field. Utilize your young age thoroughly as things get tough as you go old. Don’t let anything stop you.”

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