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Sharifah Alessa

Gone are the days when people did the same kind of jobs for their whole life. This is the world of opportunities now. This digital era has created many channels and platforms for people. Because of these efforts now people are becoming multitaskers. An Engineer is not only an engineer in this era. Instead, he is also involved in other professions. These professions are like freelancing, blogging, content creations, etc.

Sharifah AlEssa is not only a Saudi female architect, but a multitasker. She is more into public speaking and is the great example of woman empowerment. Sharifah is sharing her experience as an inspirational speaker.

Personal life

Sharifah has a very private personality. Her architectural interest arose when she used to visit historical places. She used to go with her father in her childhood. Different historical architecture always fascinated her. She dreamed to be an architect in that time when there was no such opportunity for females in Saudi.

Professional life

Sharifah has bachelor’s in architectural engineering. She did her Masters in Leadership and Innovation. She specializes in relief architecture. She specializes in emergency, rescue too. Sharifah researched about the innovative designs in this field with different structures. Later she decided to communicate those ideas with the people. Sharifah believes that connecting with people is very important. This helps in generating new ideas and acceptance. That’s why she adopted this way to connect with the masses.

Public speaking as a strength!

Sharifah was born to be public speaker. Teachers and Professors have always engaged her in these activities of public appearance. which made her so confident and strong. Sharifah is very grateful to her school and university. She admires them for always providing her the platform and stage for communication.

sharifah alessa

 Collaboration as an Architect

Relief architecture is new in the field of Architecture. That’s the reason Sharifah is not working independent. Instead, she has to collaborate with different people for the designs and structure.


Every person in this world has a strategy to deal with the difficulties. Everyone faces hard times in their life which is different in every case. For some cases patience, and peace of mind is the key to face hardships and for some the adaptation is different. Sharifah expressed the Flexibility as the core weapon to face any kind of difficulty. If you are flexible, then you can withstand every storm of life.

sharifah alessa

First experience as a public speaker

Everyone’s first experience is the most memorable moment in his career. The nervousness and fear are all gone if the performance is good and acceptable by the people around you. Sharifah AlEssa shared her first experience as the most remarkable and memorable experience. Her successful first meeting fueled her to go further in her career.

How do you measure the success of any Event?

There are always certain measurements for an event to be successful. Sometimes the public response is a success story. She shared that there is not a single perspective for the event to be successful. It’s not a fast process you have to wait for it to flourish like a plant and then we can see the results.

What energizes you in your career?

Communicating with people is a passion and energizer for her. Whenever she presents something new in her career, she enjoys the spark in people’s eyes.

sharifah alessa

What strategy do you adopt to connect to people?

Sharifah is very enthusiastic and dedicated to her public speaking. He enjoys connecting with the people. Her mantra to engage people is the story telling method. She believes that story telling is the trend that has occupied people for a long time till now. Content in relation to the public experiences is digestible by the audience. This is thus the content which is on the display table should not be life itself. Instead, it should be the result of the experiences of the lives of the audience. This is how you can relate and connect to people.


“I want my designs to be the helping hands in the world of innovation. Designs that reduce losses and increase survivors in relief architecture.”


Sharifah Alessa: A Saudi Female Architect and a Multitasker

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