Valorant Skins Newest Version to Embellish Your Clutches


In the vibrant world of Valorant, where every weapon tells a story of its own through its unique skins. In Valorant skins, skins aren’t just cosmetic enhancements; they’re expressions of personal style, flair, and identity on the battlefield. Whether you’re unleashing hellfire with the Prime Collection or channeling regal elegance with the Sovereign set, Valorant’s skins add a touch of personality to your arsenal.

Valorant Skins Newest Version to Embellish Your Clutches
Valorant Skins



From sleek futuristic designs to rustic primal motifs, Valorant’s diverse range of skins offers something for every taste and playstyle. Want to stand out with the arcade nostalgic Radiant Entertainment Bundle? Or keep it subtle with the ruination bundle? The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless.

But Valorant skins are more than just eye candy. Whether you’ve earned them through gameplay or treated yourself to a premium bundle, each skin represents your journey through the ranks and your commitment to mastering the game.


The Imperium skin bundle. Upon its release it is added to the best Valorant skins collection. Everything about it from start to finish is glamorous. The dragon theme going on with the China region keeping in mind. Not to mention the new Valorant Agent, Iso, being Chinese is probably what inspired this theme of the bundle to be dropped now. The Imperium skin bundle is themed around the concept of imperial power and grandeur. Each skin in the bundle features intricate designs, luxurious accents, and regal motifs, giving off an aura of authority and prestige.

The Imperium Skin Bundle consists of a knife, a sheriff, a judge, a vandal and an operator. The total bundle costs around 8700 VP. The design for this bundle is so ethereal and magnificent. The pull out animation has its own flair with the whole shiny mystical smoke flowing through it. The finisher is no doubt one of its best part. A giant dragon just spawns and freezes the enemy alive in place making an ice cocoon. Valorant skins are sometimes a banger and sometimes a flop but this was indeed a banger.

It has a smooth shooting sfx, and cool animations. It comes in 4 different variants” white, red, black and green. The dragons give this intimidating yet regal vibe making you fall in love with this collection. If you’re one who likes Dragons, then this bundle is definitely made for you. No doubt, the Elderflam Valorant skins are also amazing. However, this one is even more confusing.


Valorant Skins Newest Version to Embellish Your Clutches
Valorant Skins

The Valiant Hero is another one of the Valorant skins that just dropped recently. The bundle draws inspiration from traditional superhero aesthetics, featuring bold colors, dynamic designs, and heroic motifs. Each skin in the bundle is designed to evoke the feeling of being a legendary hero fighting for justice on the battlefield.

The Valiant Hero bundle includes skins for several popular weapons in Valorant, such as the Vandal, Phantom, Spectre, and Sheriff. These skins feature unique designs that reflect the theme of heroism, with elements like capes, emblems, and vibrant colors. The melee is the best melee to exist as it’s a whole staff. The pull-out and inspect animations are just magnificent. The reload animation too is something that hasn’t been done before in Valorant.

In addition to their striking appearance, the Valiant Hero skins may also include special effects that enhance the visual impact of the weapons. This could include dynamic animations, glowing accents, or custom sound effects that make each weapon feel even more heroic. The finisher is the highlight of the skin. Upon getting the last frag, a ninja comes flying down from the sky and beats up the last enemy. The music that comes with the finisher matches the theme and overall, it is just amazing. Each gun costs around 1775 VP, while the melee costs around 4350 VP. In total, it costs about 7100 VP.


And now we have another one of the OG Valorant skins dropped by riot. The Kuronami Skin bundle. Kuro means black in Japanese while nami means wave. The Kuronami bundle reflects a solemn Japanese theme. Imagine you’re a ninja in the ancient Japan walking down a street while it’s dark and pouring down and all you feel is pain and suffering. That is what the skin feels to me. The sound effects are of rain and water followed by a solemn and subtle bgm.

The new Valorant Kuronami Skin bundle comes with 5 weapons, which include a melee, Sheriff, Marshal, Spectre and Vandal. All of these weapons come with unique animations, sounds effects and a new finisher. It turns your enemy into a giant ball of water and changes the weather of the map giving vibes of blue and grey.

The bundle costs a total of 9,500 VP whereas, the individual gun price is 2375 VP. The melee again costs more than the gun skins for about. 5350 VP.


Valorant Skins Newest Version to Embellish Your Clutches
Valorant Skins

The Emberclad Valorant skins collection has just been released a few weeks ago. It has a cool look. Going into the darker medieval era. Think of chains, medieval prisons, armors, furnace and then mash all of them together. That’s how you get Emberclad in my opinion.

The Emberclad skin bundle draws inspiration from the concept of flames and fire, with each skin in the collection featuring fiery patterns, glowing accents, and intense colors. The theme is meant to evoke a sense of power and intensity, adding a dynamic flair to the weapons.

This Valorant skins bundle includes a melee, a frenzy skin, a spectre, bulldog and a phantom. Overall, the full bundle costs around 5100 VP. Individually, each gun skin costs about 1275 VP whereas, the melee cost about 2250 VP. The melee is probably the only thing that players came to like. These skins are characterized by their bold designs, with flames and embers engulfing the weapon’s surface to create a striking visual effect. However, this skin bundle is still not appreciated much and is termed as a “disappointment” by the fans.

The skin itself has a cool design and looks appealing but the downfactor of this is that it doesn’t have a finisher. Actually, it doesn’t even have any sfx. No sound when you shoot or kill or get an ace. That’s what’s really disappointing about this bundle. One common criticism is that the skins can be visually distracting during gameplay, particularly in intense firefights where visibility is crucial. The bright colors and dynamic animations of the skins may make it difficult for players to focus on their targets, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction.

Additionally, there have been complaints about the pricing of the Emberclad bundle, with some players feeling that the cost of the skins is too high compared to other bundles of similar quality. This has led to debates within the community about the value of cosmetic items in Valorant and whether the pricing is justified.

Valorant Skins Newest Version to Embellish Your Clutches
Valorant Skins


The last and the latest bundle to drop and into the Valorant skins collection is the XERØFANG bundle. Valorant skins has recently introduced an exciting new collection called XERØFANG to commemorate the auspicious Lunar New Year of the Dragon. With its ties to the festive season, players are naturally curious if XERØFANG is a limited-time offering. This obviously incorrect . It will be available to buy again whenever it appears on your store after the 15 day timer.

The XERØFANG skin bundle is boasting skins for three select weapons. However, despite its modest selection, players can anticipate an immersive experience with revamped sound effects for firing, reloads, and inspections, coupled with fresh visual effects and animations. Moreover in this bundle, you’ll find new skins for the Vandal, Ghost, and Melee. Each skin offers three distinct color variants – from classic red, black, and white, to vibrant pink-purple and teal – ensuring a personalized touch atop the base skin.

Considering the XERØFANG skin line’s polished aesthetics, enhanced sound effects, animations, and exclusive kill banner, acquiring the complete set will set you back 6,355 Valorant Points (VP). Opting for the full bundle also grants you access to complementary extras, including a matching gun buddy, player card, and spray, adorned with a captivating gold and red dragon motif, perfect for embracing the Lunar New Year festivities.


What’s cool is that these weapons have a special finisher that shows a crystal dragon head when you eliminate someone. The color of the dragon matches your weapon’s skin. When you buy this bundle, you also get a Player Card, a reactive Gun Buddy, and a non-animated spray, all themed for the Lunar New Year with dragons and stuff.

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