Suicide Squad Shark: The Shark King


This is SUICIDE SQUAD SHARK we’re talking about. Like who doesn’t know about the suicide squad. Other than the normies? Every DC-EU fan loves suicide squad and the adaptation of it into the live action movie was splendid. I loved every moment of it. The movie was a box office success and a total banger. Still, moving into the formalities let’s just get into the story of suicide squad and its individual characters, plot, stages etc.

Suicide Squad Shark: The Shark King
Suicide Squad Shark



Suicide squad is basically a government-initiated project. It’s where the villains, or should I say “anti-heroes” over here, were to help the government officials in covert operations. In return, they all receive reduced sentences and get an early bail as they progress with their missions. The project’s head is Amanda Waller, who hand picks the members of her team. The team was called the Task Force X. It consisted of the bold and daring Harley Quinn, the ruthless marksman deadshot, a quirky and fishy-fish the Shark King, the ironically criminal Peacemaker, and the deadly bloodsport to name a few. Of course, bail and reduced sentences weren’t the only method Amanda used to coerce the most deadliest criminals into joining her Task force. She blackmailed them using any and every card she could play by abusing their weaknesses. 


The main mission involves the squad infiltrating the fictional South American island of Corto Maltese, where they must destroy a mysterious Nazi-era laboratory called Jotunheim. This lab is conducting classified experiments that could pose a threat to global security. The team is led by Colonel Rick Flag. Each member has their own set of skills and quirks, making for a diverse and eclectic group.

As the Suicide Squad lands on Corto Maltese, they quickly discover that the mission is more complicated than they initially thought. Political intrigue, a coup, and the emergence of a deadly extraterrestrial threat make their task much more challenging. The story unfolds with a mix of action, humor, and unexpected twists as the squad battles both human and otherworldly adversaries.


Director James Gunn brings his unique style to the film, infusing it with dark humor, graphic violence, and an eclectic soundtrack. The movie explores themes of redemption, camaraderie, and the blurred lines between heroes and villains. It’s a chaotic and entertaining adventure that sets itself apart from traditional superhero films.

Suicide Squad Shark: The Shark King
Suicide Squad Shark

Gunn brought his signature quirky and irreverent style to the DC Universe, and boy, does it work. The humor is dark, the violence is over-the-top, and the characters are a bunch of misfits you can’t help but root for. I mean, who knew the suicide squad shark, a giant man-eating shark (King Shark) could steal the show? Absolute scene-stealer, that guy, and was definitely my favorite after Harley Quinn.


The casting is spot-on. Margot Robbie is once again killing it as Harley Quinn. Idris Elba brings a cool and collected vibe to Bloodsport, and John Cena as Peacemaker? Hilarious. Their chemistry is off the charts, making the dysfunctional team dynamics so much fun to watch. Let us NOT forget about Jared Leto as the Joker. Although not much screen time and very little role to play in the movie, he was definitely a sight to behold. The actors were fantastic. Their, expressions, the tones of their voices, their body languages, their acrobatic feats, everything was perfectly perfect.


The plot is simple yet effective. Task Force X is sent on a mission, and let’s just say things don’t go as planned. Expect unexpected deaths, gruesome kills, and a surprising amount of heart. Gunn isn’t afraid to take risks, and it pays off big time.

The soundtrack is killer, too. The song choices are unexpected but somehow perfect for each scene. And let’s not forget the visuals – the action sequences are a feast for the eyes. The use of practical effects mixed with CGI gives the movie a unique and vibrant look.


Suicide Squad Shark: The Shark King
Suicide Squad Shark

Now, let’s talk about the dangerous yet still endearing suicide squad Shark, King Shark. Other than that name, it also goes by The Walking Tiburon, The Megalodouche, The Great White, and Charlie the Tuna. Rather than calling those his alias’, I’d say those are just mocking names for him. The suicide Squad shark is a metahuman whose real name is Nanaue. He is thought to be a descendent of some ancient Shark God.

The exact origins of Nanaue are not known but somehow, he had turned to a life of crime. Even if he hadn’t turned to a life of crime, he’d still have become a murderer as he eats men to quell his hunger. He can’t help it and will eat anyone when he’s hungry, even his own allies. This was visible when in the movie, The Suicide Squad shark was about to eat Ratcatcher 2 but bloodshot stops him. 


The Suicide Squad Shark is definitely rutheless and brutal with his enemies and spares no one in his hunger. The exception was for his friends but he said he had no friends to which then bloodshot made Nanaue think of Ratcatcher 2 as his friend. He is just a metahuman with a child like personality. He doesn’t really think and just follows orders mindlessly and unquestionably. The method of satiating his hunger is also just instinctual. He’s just a lonely being who was extremely happy when he made his first “friend” the Ratcatcher 2. He just wanted to belong and have friends. He was no hardened criminal with any malice, and was overall sweet and endearing. Even in the movie, when he tore the soldier apart in anger, he was saddened by his actions. This is because he thought it were the little creatures that were trying to kill him, but instead he killed an innocent man.


Nanaue has but only one weakness which is his intellect. He doesn’t think nor does he question any orders he is given. However, the suicide Squad Shark has many strengths. Being an amphibious metahuman has given him super-strength. He demonstrated the ability to effortlessly lift a man with both arms and elevate him into the air before devouring him. Additionally, he can effortlessly tear a man in half vertically. This impressive strength isn’t limited to his arms; it extends to his feet, enabling him to effortlessly achieve great heights when jumping. 

He also has the ability to breath under water due to his obvious amphibious nature. The Suicide Squad Shark or the Shark King has superhuman-stamina, has less fatigue and can exert more physically than a normal human. Along with Jaws and Claws, this shark also has amazingly fast regenerative abilities. Believe, it or not, this suicide squad shark definitely is stealthy. Ione of his strengths and abilities is stealth. He can easily scour the perimeter and take out enemies swiftly without being detected. 

Suicide Squad Shark: The Shark King
Suicide Squad Shark

This big lug is definitely a cute and endearing creature but can be just as lethal if not treaded carefully. The Suicide Squad Shark really got to be one of the favorites of many viewers due to his character and personality.

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