Spiderman PS5 Console: A Game Worth Playing?


Within barely 48 hours of its release, Spider-Man 2 climbs the charts being ranked as the 8th best game on the console ps5. With great anticipation and excitement expressed by both gamers and marvel fans, Spiderman PS5 console was released in October 2023 by insomniac games on ps5. You many very well know Insomniac games – the game developer – from the games Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, they now introduced Spider-Man 2 as a great rival in the gaming industry of open world games.

Spiderman PS5 Console: A Game Worth Playing?
Spiderman PS5 Console

SPIDERMAN PS5 Console: A Yay or Nay?

With a great many criticisms, Spider-Man PS5 Console has a criticism score of 98 out of the total 104 as compared to the other two games Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales that score an 88 and 85 respectively [Taken from Opencritic].

Now the question occurs, is it really that of an “amazing” game that the reviews have concluded it to be or not? and is it worth buying it or not? So, let us delve deeper into the game’s story, gameplay and various other features.

Spider-Man 2 features an open world gaming experience with amazing real-life graphics, fluid body movements and new mechanics in gameplay which has been termed by many gamers as: “I feel like spiderman.” Insomniac Games keeps the gameplay style of the original Spider-Man while adding a few novel items which makes the gaming experience even better. The gadgets that we receive at the start of the game and as we progress make the game less boring and more fun to play with. These new mechanics also help to easily handle and defeat a group of enemies altogether rather than having to disperse them and defeat them individually one by one. New attack patterns like symbiote and shock attacks are very much welcomed by the gamers. 

Stealth Missions:

Naturally, the stealth missions are also present where Peter and Miles both sneak past security and even conquer and overpower enemies that don’t even sense their presence. You get to parry and counter the attacks of bosses such as the Lizards as you cannot dodge them. Attack animations and combo moves have definitely upgraded from the original Spider-Man game which is very much appreciated by the players. Quests like these are easily done by equipping the cloaking ability or using the web-line which lets the players use it as a tightrope and get across large distances without getting detected. 

Toggle and View options:

The players are also able to toggle and view main and side mission icons without even having to open the world map as they just appear on top of the buildings indicating their location and the distance left. Teleports are available but are few in number, which are rarely used as the players rather explore the map and enjoy the scenery while webbing across the city than just getting to their destination. Another notable addition in Spider-Man2  gameplay is of the webbed wings that the suits have. This adds to the experience of exploring New York city not just the old-fashioned way by swinging from building to building but rather gliding through the streets of the city with wind currents available helping in boosting the character’s gliding ability. 

Spiderman PS5 Console: A Game Worth Playing?
Spiderman PS5 Console

As always, even if you attack the enemies with even bone crumpling force, they will somehow still live to see another day, whether in a prison or in the streets, that’s for the story to decide. The swift body movements and mobility are marvelous and accurate, adding new combo moves and various knock-out animations that were previously not present in the original Spider-Man game. Another feature of Spider-man 2 is the mini games that you can indulge in and play when you just don’t feel like doing any of the quests. There are also a variety of amazing skins with different abilities and vibrant colors and styles for the players to equip to enhance the gaming experience.  


Spiderman PS5 Console: A Game Worth Playing?
Spiderman PS5 Console

Spider-Man 2 features the collaboration or fusion of the worlds of two Spidermen i.e. Peter Parker and Miles Morales, diving into both of their individual stories and the two of them working together to keep New York City safe from the calamities brought about by the many villains, Venom, The Lizard, Kraven the Hunter to name a few. Like in the original game, gamers can also play MJ in some covert op quests but this time around these characters are more involved and serve the story line in better ways. 

Aside from the main story missions and quests with the two superheroes working on, there are also side stories of the two main characters indulging in their individual lives. Where Peter has already gone through the difficulties and complexities of a high-school student, Miles is still figuring out his life and navigating through the teen life transitioning to the adult life. However, with Peter, he is still going through the bodily changes from the symbiote that has attached to his body, experiencing relationship changes with MJ and hanging out with this childhood friend Harry Osborn.

Comic Story:

The game brings to life the comical story that is writing, giving the players an immersive experience into the spider story. Other than that, side quests from all around the city are also available where taking a picture of two hooligans in spider masks can be prioritize over defeating an enemy and solving an impending doom. Hey, it’s a game. You choose what you want to do, not like the game is running away. 

Since the game’s release, there have been complaints of bugs and glitches in the game which led to those players giving a low rating and negative review about the game. However, many of those players are playing Spider-man 2 on Xbox 360 or trying to play on other platforms which do not support the game. The heavy graphics and animation have been specifically made for PS5 which the players should acknowledge. As for the PS5 players, the developers have announced to launch patches to solve the glitch issues and add updates to enhance the gaming experience of Spider-man 2 by including more features.


Spiderman PS5 Console: A Game Worth Playing?
Spiderman PS5 Console

All in all, even after getting much criticism, Spider-Man 2 enjoys its popularity among the majority of the gaming population with its familiar yet novel game-play, life-like animations, storylines and additional quests with its immersive and explorable open world even after entering the new year of 2024, with units as much as 5 Million sold globally in just 11 days, surpassing that of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. [source: Insomniac Games page on X]. This, along with the various reviews, clearly states that it is very much worth buying the game. That way, you get a first-hand experience regarding the game, and you get to enjoy it.

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