Returnal PS5-Only Seen in Steam Database


Returnal PS5-Only Seen in Steam Database

The forum user ResetEra, who goes by the name AshenOne, saw a page for an unknown game on the Unofficial Steam database (SteamDB) website. The description of the page suggests that the game is Returnal ( Returnal PS5), which is only available on the PS5.

returnal PS5

At first glance, the mysterious product, which was also called Oregon, doesn’t seem to have anything in common with the sci-fi thriller shooter from the Housemarque studio. It is because all of the signs would let you know what it is being hidden.

At the same time, on the project page, the list of richrpresence (where the user is) includes Atropos (Return location). It also includes Helios, and Sisyphus Tower.

On the list of tags for Housemarque’s new game, third-person shooters, bullet damage, roguelike, roguelite. It also includes female protagonists all fit together.


Also, the portal video games Chronicle said that in the past, he got a video of a gameplay demo of Returnal that was shown on a PC from an unknown source.

Lastly, Returnal was one of many games that were leaked from the GeForce Now cloud in a large leak. Some of the projects on that list, like Street Fighter 6 or Kingdom Heart IV, as well as St. Augustine’s and King of Hope, have already been confirmed.

Returnal came out in April 2021 for PS5, and Sisyphus Tower got an update in March 2022. In these stories, a woman astronaut gets stuck in a time loop on the strange planet Atropos.

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