6 Hidden PlayStation 5 Settings You Need to Know


6 Hidden PlayStation 5 Settings You Need to Know

The PlayStation 5 was the most successful of the two new generation consoles, selling 20 million consoles in less than two years. And in big games like The Last of Us Part I and God of War: Ragnarok, More people will appreciate Sony’s latest system on the horizon. PS5’s unique features such as adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and activity maps are well known by now. However, the PS5’s interface and PlayStation 5 settings menu are a bit more complex than a system like the Nintendo Switch. As a result, there are quite a few PS5 features that most users might not be aware of.

If you go through the PS5 menus and all the switches in them and found a lot of useful options that you didn’t even know the system had. Six features caught your attention. They are worth checking out if you haven’t played much with your PS5’s options since purchasing it in November 2020.

Here is the list of 6 hidden PlayStation 5 settings you need to know:

1. Custom key bindings: PlayStation 5 settings:

PlayStation 5 settings you need to know

The ability to remap controllers at the system level, whether for reasons of accessibility or personal convenience, is a welcome feature in today’s gaming hardware. To change the inputs of your DualSense controller, you must first select the Accessories option under the settings menu. Then go to the Controllers tab, which allows you to change everything from the intensity of the DualSense vibration to the speaker volume and controls. Select the Controllers option in the Related settings section, then select Custom key bindings and enable Enable custom key bindings.

From there, you can enable the option to swap the left and right sticks. You may also select the Customize Button Mapping tab. Then remap the DualSense button inputs however you like. Even though it’s hidden under a few menus, it’s great that the feature is there, just like it is on the Nintendo Switch.

2. Enable the ability to turn on the PS5 over the network:

PlayStation 5 settings you need to know

If you want to save time turning on your PS5, you can wake up the system using the PlayStation app on your phone or the Remote Play app. However, in order to do this, you must allow your network to turn on the PS5. Go to System Menu in PS5 Settings to enable this option. Go to the Energy Saving tab and select Features available in the Standby Feature. You then have the option to toggle the following setting: Stay connected to the Internet. Then enable the “Turn on PS5 over the network” feature.

Once done, sign back into your PlayStation mobile apps and you should be able to launch the console. This feature is useful when you’re away from your PS5 or DualSense controller and want to start them up sooner.

3. Activate voice command: PlayStation 5 settings:

PlayStation 5 settings you need to know

While this PS5 feature is still in preview and not yet available to players outside the US and UK, voice control gives the PS5 its own version of Siri or Alexa. Voice command (preview) has a dedicated submenu in PS5. settings. From there you can turn the feature on and off, adjust speech speed and volume, and more. When the DualSense or headset microphone is activated, you can say “Hey PlayStation” . Then you may ask the system to open, discover, find or search for games and apps.

When you’re watching a movie or listening to music on your PS5, you can also use voice commands. This is to continue, rewind, fast forward, and scroll through any media playing on the system. It’s not quite as complete as something like Siri yet, but it’s still useful. This could be a key PS5 feature in the long run, so why not get used to it during the testing phase?

4. Simple screenshots and simple video clip key mapping:

PlayStation 5 settings you need to know


If you’ve ever been frustrated that the Create button on the PS5 only shows a menu when pressed, the system allows you to change the Create button to support simple screenshots or simple video clip mode. To make this change, navigate to the Recording and Broadcast in which the Settings submenu and select Detected Capability. From there, you can open Shortcuts for the Create button. tab and make these changes.

With Simple Screenshot selected, pressing the Share button once will take a screenshot. Then holding down will show the Create Controls Menu. Now double-tapping saves the video clip of the last game. Easy Video Clips allows users to start and stop video recording by double-tapping the share button. These shortcuts make the capture process much easier if you are interested in creating videos or images.

5. Game presets:

PlayStation 5 settings you need to know


Game presets are one of the PS5’s most noteworthy and overlooked features. They allow players to set their preferences in terms of game difficulty, performance, and resolution modes. First and third-person camera controls, subtitles, and audio language. If the game supports the game preset feature, it will automatically apply the preferred settings. It will save you time when you first launch games.

The ability to select and change system-level options, such as game difficulty and subtitle preference, is useful both in terms of accessibility and usability, so it’s surprising this feature doesn’t get more attention from fans and developers. However, if you can go to the Save Data and Game/Application Settings submenu and select the Game Preset Tab, it will make running a lot of new games on your PS5 much smoother.

6. Set the time before the controllers turn off: PlayStation 5 settings:

PlayStation 5 settings you need to know

The DualSense controller does not use batteries and can drain quickly. Therefore, a system function that allows you to save a little energy is useful. To save some of your DualSense’s battery life, go to the Power Saving System submenu tab in Settings. You can set the controllers to turn off if they are not used for 10, 30, or 60 minutes. This will save you battery life and charging time if you accidentally leave the controller on.

This also pairs well with the settings that can be made in the Controllers tab Accessories submenu, such as reducing the intensity of vibration and triggering, as well as reducing the brightness of the controller display, which should also help your DualSense run a little longer. With these minor tweaks, you won’t have to worry about frequently unplugging the controller, which should help if the DualSense charging cable doesn’t reach your sofa.

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