KPOP Kiss of Life Rookies Latest hit Single ‘Nobody Knows’


On July 5, 2023, S2 Entertainment made waves with the debut of their newest Kpop KISS OF LIFE. (KIOF for short)  Fans greeted the debut with excitement, as they already felt a connection to the group members. However, it’s not just the members that are receiving attention. The team responsible for assembling the group has also gained recognition for their previous contributions to the industry.

KPOP Kiss of Life Rookies Latest hit Single 'Nobody Knows'
KPOP Kiss of Life



The group unveiled their first mini-album, also titled KISS OF LIFE, on Wednesday, featuring a total of six tracks. Notably, the album includes the title track “Shh” and “Bye My Neverland (안녕,네버랜드),” alongside solo tracks from each member. Despite its concise length, the album met fans’ high expectations and left a lasting impression.

KPOP Kiss of Life Rookies Latest hit Single 'Nobody Knows'
KPOP Kiss of Life

Han Julie, the leader of the group explained, “KISS OF LIFE, which is our group’s name and the title of our debut EP, refers to the mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration method. Like the name, we plan on revitalizing and bringing fresh life to the K-pop scene.”


Lee Hae-in, the creative brains behind KISS OF LIFE, made a name for herself on Mnet’s hit reality shows like Produce 101 and Idol School. Despite facing a few setbacks with consecutive eliminations, she bounced back and debuted with the group I.B.I. under LEON Entertainment. Now, she’s taking her career to the next level by bringing together an exciting new group of artists for kpop KISS OF LIFE group’s debut.

There are 4 members of Kiss of Life. Namely, Julie, Natty, Belle and Haneul.

Julie, also known as Julie Han, is a Korean-American singer and songwriter born in 2000. She holds the rapper and leader positions in the K-pop girl group KISS OF LIFE. Before joining the group, she underwent training at YG Entertainment’s BLACK LABEL after auditioning through Def Dance Academy. In December 2022, Julie was featured in a British documentary alongside her current fellow members, Natty and Belle, as well as two other trainees. The documentary delved into the lives of K-pop trainees, offering insights into their journey and experiences.

The first member officially revealed for the kpop KISS OF LIFE group is Natty. Her real name is Anatchaya Suputhipong and was born in 2002. Many K-pop enthusiasts familiar with reality survival shows may recognize her from JYP Entertainment’s Sixteen and Idol School. Following her appearances on these shows, Natty made her solo debut on May 7, 2020, with her album “Nineteen” under SWINGS Entertainment. Despite narrowly missing out on debuting with fromis_9, Natty has secured her position as the main dancer of the kpop KISS OF LIFE group.

Belle, Anabelle Shim or Shim Hyewon is a familiar name to many seasoned K-pop fan. She is known for her impressive work as a composer. She’s collaborated with numerous K-pop girl groups and has been behind some of the biggest hits in the fourth-generation K-pop scene, including LE SSERAFIM’s “Unforgiven,” PURPLE KISS’ “Find You,” (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon’s “Softly,” and more. Notably, she provided background vocals for NCT’s Mark on his solo track, “Child.” While Belle was initially revealed as an artist under AURA, a Korean music label, she didn’t debut as a soloist for reasons that remain undisclosed. Born in 2004, Shim Hye-won, also known as Annabelle Shim, is a Korean-American singer and songwriter who serves as the main vocalist for the kpop KISS OF LIFE group.

Last but not least, Won Haneul born in 2005. As the youngest member of the kpop KISS OF LIFE group, Hanuel has a bit of history prior to her debut. Like Natty and Belle, she was featured in the British documentary during her trainee days. In addition, she boasts a range of talents, including playing the guitar and fluency in Korean, English, and Japanese.


KPOP Kiss of Life Rookies Latest hit Single 'Nobody Knows'
KPOP Kiss of Life

The rookie group in kpop KISS OF LIFE kicked off with their debut album which featured solo tracks from each member. This is quite rare for a rookie group. It includes the music video for “Sugarcoat,” followed by “Countdown,” “Kitty Cat,” and “Play Love Games.” Now, each of these videos serves up a different point of view, all linked together in one big interconnected story. It’s like peeling back the layers to learn more about each member in this alternate universe.

Then things really start to heat up with the music video for “Bye My Neverland,” where their worlds collide. Finally, in “Shhh,” they all come together for the grand finale.

So, here’s the kicker: every single track on the album gets its own music video leading up to the title track and their big debut. It’s not just about the music; it’s about diving deep into their story and getting to know these girls before they even officially hit the scene. Talk about building some serious anticipation!


The recent rookie group in kpop KISS OF LIFE dropped a new bombshell of a mini album. It released double title tracks! Honestly, I had no clue they were planning that, but it’s a pretty big deal, especially considering that “Nobody Knows” is basically a follow-up to “Bad News”.

Now, the soundscape might not be similar, but the music video? Oh, it’s all tied together. It’s like getting a whole new perspective on what went down in “Bad News”. Some folks were scratching their heads over that video, thinking it seemed like the girls were just picking on people. But now, with this context, it all clicks – it’s like they’re saying, “Hold up, there’s more to the story than meets the eye.” It’s not just a clarification of their last release; it’s also a commentary on how quick folks are to judge, especially in this age of social media.


As for the song itself, KISS OF LIFE keeps carving out their own little niche in the K-pop scene. “Nobody Knows” throws it back to that smooth R&B vibe of the early 2000s, and let me tell you, they pull it off flawlessly. The stripped-down, moody tones? They hit just right. There’s this confident, sassy energy to their vocals and the instrumentals that’s infectious. That chorus? “Yeah, nobody knows” – it’s like the cherry on top, sticking in your head long after the song’s over. And let’s not forget about the choreography. The spicy and alluring choreography makes the song even more appealing for the fans. It just brings out you inner confidence and boldness to exist.

Sure, in an era where everything’s usually overproduced and overcomplicated, KISS OF LIFE might sometimes lean a bit too far in the opposite direction. But for a track like this? They hit the sweet spot dead on. Honestly, I can’t wait to see where these girls take us next. They’ve got something special going on, and I’m all in for the ride.

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