Inter Miami VS Houston Dynamo: The Clash of Titans


For today, we have a topic about sports. Sports is one of the most discussed topic in the era. There are a lot of fans we saw in our surroundings. Football is also one of them. Cricket and Football, both have a different fan base. Cricket is mostly loved in the South Asian area. This is on the other side of the Globe. People are mad in Love with Football. For today, we have a trending a trending topic to discuss with our readers. Inter Miami vs Houston Dynamo, this is trending on Google. As, people are loving to read about it listen about it. We will delve into this topic today. This provide our readers most important information about these teams. 

Inter Miami VS Houston Dynamo: The Clash of Titans
Inter Miami VS Houston Dynamo


On the shorter note, Houston Dynamo wins the cup against Inter Miami. The grand price of the trophy is $300k. There is another name for this match which is “The Clash of Titans”. In this world, full of fans of soccer fans. There is another level of excitement for every fan and the blend of competition. These matches are not just between the teams. But this is also for the fans and supporters of different teams. So, for the news of match between Inter Miami VS Houston Dynamo. This brings another lever of excitement for the fans of both teams. 


These both teams don’t have the typical rivalry between them. As, compared to the prior teams of the MLS. But the matches between them, always marked on the calendars. The Inter Miami was found in back 2018. This got too much highlight as it features it co-owner of the MLS. As compared to it, Houston Dynamo was found in 2005. They have more old name as compared to Inter Miami. They also won two of the cups in the history. Houston Dynamo has more developed and well known history as compared to Inter Miami. 


In the regular season played by MLS, both of them just appeared twice the year. One is always at the home land of the each team. The main characteristics of these matches are sense of competition and high intensity. These matches are highly skillful games. Each team has its own style of playing games.  Each one has talented players. Every player of each team has a diverse background in this game. 

Now, we will have look on highly compatible players of each team one by one. 


  • Darwin Quintero: He provides the spark in the final third to the Dynamo. He possesses his own pace and flair. He is also called the Colombian winger. 
  • Maxi Urruti: He is capable of doing goals from various positions. He has a dynamic presence. 
  • Memo Rodriguez: He is known as a versatile midfielder. He is rated upon his ability of contributing as offensively and defensively. 

These are some of the legends of Houston Dynamo. These are also some of the details about their playing style. 


  • Blaise Matuidi: He is known as French midfielder. He adds experience and control to the whole team. He is the important component of the Inter Miami team. 
  • Gonzalo Higuain: His another name is Argentine striker. He is the key figure in the attacking of Inter Miami. This is with his finishing like a clinical. 
Inter Miami VS Houston Dynamo: The Clash of Titans
Inter Miami VS Houston Dynamo
  • Rodolfo Pizarro: He is the Mexican playmaker, he possesses vision and also creativity. He is also known as the architect in the attacking of Inter Miami. 


This rivalry between Inter Miami vs Houston Dynamo is not too old. Just very young as compared to other teams. But this is not fair to call it less intense. The match (Inter Miami VS Houston Dynamo) between team is to claim their dominance. Both teams have the urge to do so. The big fan base also serves as the spark between both of the teams. This creates an atmosphere where anything is possible to happen. In other words, the fans heat up the stadium by cheering up their beloved teams. As, every teams against each other have sentiments and urge to win against each other. This brings the factor of rivalry between the teams. 


Inter Miami VS Houston Dynamo: The Clash of Titans
Inter Miami VS Houston Dynamo

Out of the field, both of the teams doing great efforts to engage with the communities. They cultivate the culture of the supporting the teams. There is a soccer stadium of Inter Miami in Fort of Lauderdale. Houston Dynamo has BBVA stadium in the down Houston. These stadiums serve as the hub of celebrations for the local people. This is to celebrate their respective teams. To whom they support. As, off field connection of teams are also very important for the teams to engage with their supporters. This is the overview of the rivalry of the great teams.

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