Project Magi-Google arranging new web crawler


Google arranging new web crawler while chipping away at new pursuit include under project magi

project magi

Google and Project Magi

Google is no stranger to innovation and is always striving to improve its search engine capabilities. Recently, rumours have been circulating that the tech giant is planning to develop a new search engine, while also working on a new search feature under the project Magi.

The project Magi is a new initiative by Google to improve the accuracy of search results by utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence. This project aims to provide more personalized and relevant search results to users, and it is being developed with the goal of increasing user engagement and satisfaction.

User Data Protection

In addition to this, Google is reportedly working on a new search engine, which is said to be focused on privacy and user data protection. According to reports, the new search engine will not store any user data or search history, ensuring complete privacy for users. This move comes in response to growing concerns over user privacy and data protection.

New Search Engine

Google has not made any official announcements regarding the new search engine, and it remains to be seen whether it will be launched in the near future. However, the development of this new search engine demonstrates Google’s commitment to addressing user privacy concerns and improving the search experience for its users.

Incognito Mode

It is worth noting that Google already offers a private search feature known as “incognito mode,” which does not save user data or search history. However, the new search engine would take this a step further by completely removing the need for any data storage.

Google Face Criticism

Google has faced criticism in the past over its data collection practices, with some users expressing concerns over how their personal data is being used. The development of a new search engine focused on privacy could go a long way in alleviating these concerns and improving user trust in the platform


In conclusion, Google’s plans to develop a new search engine while also working on a new search feature under project Magi demonstrate the company’s commitment to improving the search experience for its users. These developments are aimed at providing more personalized and relevant search results while also addressing user privacy concerns. It remains to be seen when these initiatives will be launched, but they represent an exciting new chapter for Google’s search engine capabilities.


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