Designer tips-How to work smartly as a designer


Designer tips-How to work smartly as a designer


Good design is associated with good planning

The methodology of work and the style followed in the design process from its beginning to its end is what raises the status of the designer and increases his productivity.  For the designer, this requires awareness of the proper steps and strategies that save you time during the design process in addition to reducing mental effort, that is, we are talking and we mean here about working more intelligently and harnessing the effort to have more returns beneficial to you as a designer, especially if design is your profession or a passion you gain from it  Money Whether you are a freelancer or a designer in a company, both types need to work smartly while designing.

In the coming lines, we will take you on a simple journey, in which we offer you a set of proven practical tips and steps for sure in order to develop your style and approach in dealing with your projects as a graphic designer looking for professionalism and more experience, without delaying, slowing down, or exaggerating in presenting a long introduction that makes you bored, so let’s start directly  At the core of the topic and its subtleties. That you may take from the client or on your own when working on your own project have a high priority in obtaining a percentage of the details of your project time that may reach 30% of The total time, if your planning seems negative and bad.. It is not rational to keep in mind the progress you envision, as a result of your good planning it makes your work smarter as the details will seem explained enough.

 Draw first, design second


All design processes start from drawing on paper and pen. I do not mean that it is inevitable that you have to hold a paper and pen and start drawing in the traditional ways. And the pen always retains its own splendor. The hand and a simple pencil are much faster than the hand holding a computer mouse and working in front of the screen on Photoshop. If you decide to create a design and start directly by opening the program that you use, I assure you that you will waste several hours without benefiting from it. Do not make the first moment in exploring the design idea Be in front of the screen, but leave the space for your mind to move between your ideas and unleash your creativity in presenting design options on paper and pen. You do not need to be Picasso or Da Vinci to start drawing on paper and pen only with simple skills. This step affects the time and effort of the project positively in completing it in less time. And harnessOn track effort for smarter design.

Decide on the design style in advance

The design methods are varied and different, among a design that relies mainly on the expression of images by placing them in appropriate frameworks and styles, a design based on illustrations, or a design based on texts and writing, and sometimes they are combined in different ways in order to achieve the goal behind the design intent, see my designer friend on your project and select The optimal method that suits what you are working on, and therefore this will speed up your work a lot to make you know exactly the parts that you need to focus on while searching for design supplies, as well as it will greatly facilitate the process of searching for inspiration and finding the main idea behind the design.

Designer must learn the techniques and tools well

Knowing how to use your favorite design program or environment is not enough, you need to know the best ways to use them for more effectiveness and intelligence while using them, as a simple example that does not require its validity … If you want to crop something specific from the image, you may do so in six steps While you can do it in just one or two steps; Therefore, get trained on how to use your tools well, and we mean the accompanying training with a goal behind it. You can watch videos, read articles, and attend workshops to learn how to use tool techniques effectively, and this includes part of the professional use of shortcuts, as many functions within programs may be performed by one click. Button without moving the mouse and doing several steps, by applying this you will find less time and more intelligent and fast work, which will certainly affect your effectiveness.

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Build your digital library of design tools

As a designer in various fields, you certainly have some fixed tools and some things that help you regularly during design or need to be recalled again, such as fonts, icons, backgrounds, images, and others; Therefore, you need to start assembling your digital library by keeping a copy of fonts, UI elements, logos, and vectors at the times you start designing, so that if you want to call them up again, you avoid wasting time in the future while searching for them, especially if you do not have internet access. We also advise you to keep Make a copy of them on tools such as Google Drive so that you can have them while working on any computer. Keep your design files organized How many times do you spend wandering in front of your computer files looking for PSD files, an image or an icon, unorganized files and folders get lost quickly and thus waste a lot of your time searching for a file you want to move to and you don’t need this time, so what The solution ?!

Avoid distractions while designing

Such as writing and drawing… Design is one of the things that needs your full attention and focus while working on it. Imagine if you were working on Photoshop and looking for a new style with new colors, and suddenly a message came to you on WhatsApp from your friend and you entered into a dialogue with him for ten minutes, after which you returned to the program. You find yourself as if you have never opened the program before. I am talking here about integration and the state in which the mind enters in search of ideas and achievement. Here, my friend, we find that any distraction kills the joy of the moment and slows down the pace of your performance. You will not achieve great ideas through distraction by checking e-mail or social media. While working on your project.

Without a doubt… Design is a creative profession unlike any other. It needs to be constantly informed of new things and learn many techniques. Also, the designer is expected to work quickly and accomplish a lot in less time. So working smartly for the designer is the key. In this article, we have provided you with several tips to work smartly as a designer for better and faster designs. Stay up-to-date with our news and share your opinion in the comments below. Don’t you see that your computer keyboard has rusted from lack of typing?!


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