Daria Sotsenko -Ukrainian Expat in Saudi Arabia


                            Daria Sotsenko A Ukrainian Ex-pat

Daria in Saudi

Daria shared her experience as an ex-pat in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has become the talk of the town. The Huge change in Saudi regarding tourism has attracted the people a lot. The arrangements of concerts and different entertainment segments have brought people here from all over the world.

Daria Sotsenko is an Expat living in Saudi Arabia. She is a Vlogger and influencer, showing the life of Saudi in a very positive way.  Being an explorer and adventurer she wants to include everyone in her adventure.

Daria in Saudi


Daria is from Ukraine and has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2017 with her husband. Her Adaptive nature has helped her to mix into this culture. Although it was a great change for her, she adopted it easily. She is very much mixed with the Saudi culture and is still exploring.

The journey from the beginning till now.

As there is a lot of change regarding culture in Ukraine and Saudi. She said that it was a challenge for her in the beginning to adjust. It was difficult even in walking openly in Saudi. It was like an adventure and was different from her life back home. Daria added that Saudi has literally transformed in front of her eye. Living in the compound has made her life easier due to the facilities available inside. All that u need on a daily basis is here like a supermarket, sports facilities, greenery, and salons.

Daria in Saudi

Daria’s Journey as Influencer

Even though Daria was thinking of a social media career since the time she moved to Saudi, she did not pursue it in the beginning due to being a shy person. Since she was constantly receiving comments from people that Saudi is weird and how she is managing to live there. Daria then realized that she should change this stereotype hence, Saudi became her second home. She decided to show the life of Riyadh and started her page in 2023 and changed the concept of many people about life in Saudi Arabia.

Daria in Saudi


Daria started her job in a very new field, that is real estate as a leasing associate in the compound and after three months she was promoted to senior leasing associate. After finishing the contract, she took a break and after that started to work in another compound as a leasing and marketing coordinator after some time promoted to assistant marketing manager and later to leasing and marketing manager. At some point, Daria felt that this job does not give her as much satisfaction as before, and she decided to take a break.

Best aspects of living in Saudi

Daria shared that it’s like a dream living in Saudi. Everything is safe here with all the facilities. She is enjoying the best part of her life living here. She wants to stay as long as possible.

Difficulties Daria faced

She said that she has not faced any issues living here, but the one thing she cannot get used to is not able to drive as she thinks that it is stressful.

Daria in Saudi

Future Plans

She said that she is seeing herself in the near future as an influencer that changes the world’s opinion about life in  Saudi for the better, and will keep showing people the mesmerizing aspects of life in Saudi Arabia. She is planning to stay here as long enough but eventually will go back to her country.

Message from Daria

My vision of life

“We are creating our lives with our thoughts. Having negative thoughts will attract negativity in your life. Therefore it is important to stay positive and to be a good person.

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