Adam Devine Calls Pierce Brosnan ‘Great Kisser’ After Netflix Series


Adam Devine Calls Pierce Brosnan 'Great Kisser' After Netflix Series
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In a surprising revelation that has sparked intrigue and excitement among fans, actor Adam Devine has recently shared his experience of working with the legendary Pierce Brosnan in the upcoming Netflix series, ‘The Out-Laws.’

Adam Devine Calls Pierce Brosnan a ‘Great Kisser’ after Smooch in Netflix’s ‘The Out-Laws’


Devine, known for his comedic roles, has not only praised Brosnan’s acting skills but also made headlines by referring to the James Bond actor as a “great kisser.” Similarly, This unexpected comment has added an intriguing twist to the anticipation surrounding the show and has left fans eagerly awaiting its release.

The Out-Laws: A Promising Series:

‘The Out-Laws’ is an upcoming Netflix original series that has been generating significant buzz among fans and critics alike. Moreover, The show revolves around a group of misfit bounty hunters who embark on outrageous adventures in pursuit of dangerous criminals. Similarly, The series promises a mix of action, comedy, and suspense, and with its star-studded cast. This including Adam Devine and Pierce Brosnan, it has become one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

Adam Devine’s Unexpected Praise:

While speaking to the press about his experience working on ‘The Out-Laws,’ Adam Devine couldn’t resist sharing a memorable moment from the set involving his co-star Pierce Brosnan. Devine, known for his wit and humor, surprising everyone by revealing. That he found Brosnan to be a “great kisser.” The comment quickly caught the attention of fans. Furthermore, This sparking curiosity and speculation about the nature of their on-screen relationship.

Pierce Brosnan: From Bond to ‘The Out-Laws’:

Pierce Brosnan is widely recognizing for his iconic portrayal of the suave and sophisticating secret agent James Bond. Having leaving an indelible mark on the Bond franchise. Brosnan has since ventured into a diverse range of roles, showcasing his versatility as an actor. In ‘The Out-Laws,’ he plays a seasoned bounty hunter with a mysterious past. This adding an element of intrigue and depth to the character.

Adam Devine: A Comedic Force:

Adam Devine has built a solid reputation as a talented comedian and actor. This is who is best famous for his roles in comedy films such as ‘Pitch Perfect’ and the television series ‘Workaholics.’ His unique blend of humor and charm has endeared him to audiences worldwide.  Devine’s presence in ‘The Out-Laws’ guarantees a healthy dose of laughter. Moreover, This making the show a must-watch for fans of his comedic style.

The Impact of Devine’s Statement:

Devine’s remark about Brosnan’s kissing skills has not only sparking excitement. But has also generating a flurry of speculation about the nature of their characters’ relationship in ‘The Out-Laws.’ While the show’s plot has been keeping under wraps. This revelation has added an unexpected layer of anticipation. This leaving fans wondering how their on-screen dynamic will unfold.


Adam Devine’s recent comment about Pierce Brosnan becoming a “great kisser” has stirred up considerable curiosity. furthermore,  There was also excitement surrounding the upcoming Netflix series ‘The Out-Laws.’ With its enticing mix of action, comedy. He is a star-stud cast, the show is already generating high expectations. Moreover, Devine’s unexpected revelation has only fueled the anticipation. This leaving fans eager to see the chemistry between these two talented actors on screen. As the release date approaches, audiences can hardly wait to witness the sparks fly in ‘The Out-Laws.’ For example, Also  discover the dynamic that Adam Devine and Pierce Brosnan bring to the table.

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